Ride to Survive

New rider licensing and skills training – For those returning licensed riders (licensed but have not owned or ridden in a number of years) looking for skills training. ($695 plus GST)

For licencing information - See the ICBC Website Info

PG Learn to Ride is excited to be offering our in house MSA (Motorcycle Skills Assessment) After completion of the MSA, you will be able to have the restrictions on your license reduced. Once you have the restrictions removed you will no longer be required to have a supervisor and will be able to ride above 60KM/hr.


Classroom Instruction, 8 hrs

Thursday and Friday evenings starting at 6pm

Starting in a classroom, you will be introduced to defensive riding theory. You will learn how to avoid the common mistakes that are made by riders. You will learn where and why accidents occur and what you can do to prevent yourself from becoming involved in one. Through systems like S.l.P.D.E. (Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute) you will be able to better predict what is going on around you and make sound decisions based on this information.

Parking Lot Training, 13 hrs

Saturday and Sunday starting at 8am – 3:30/4pm both days


We start light and easy learning to balance, turn and stop without the use of the motor. As your confidence builds we quickly progress into more challenging exercises over the weekend such as; clutch / throttle control; shifting gears; setting your speed for the turn; emergency braking; braking in a turn and swerving to avoid hazards just to name a few. With careful well paced instruction you will learn to master slow and fast paced maneuvers on a motorcycle.

MST Training & Evaluation (MSA)

Testing Done In House

PG Learn to Ride is excited to be offering our in house MSA (Motorcycle Skills Assessment) After completion of the MSA the restrictions on your license will be reduced. You will no longer be required to have a supervisor and will be able to ride above 60KM/hr.

Road Training, 2—3 hrs

Let's get on the Road

After completing the MSA we begin the defensive rider training in traffic. This will give you the opportunity to put into practice all that has been learned in the classroom as well as the parking lot.

All students must hold a BC Class 6/8 Learners license.

*If you do not have a valid licence and present it at the time of training you will not be allowed to begin the course and all fees are non refundable.


Course Dates and Schedule

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Course Dates
“I learned to ride with PG Learn to Ride. I went from riding nothing one month to riding a Fatboy!!! ICBC thought the bike was too big for me, and they were surprised at how well I could handle it. I would highly recommend!!!”Melony Faulkner

Advanced Rider Training

For licensed and experienced riders who want to take their skills to the next level.

Course information and dates are coming mid-February 2019. Please note this course requires you to have your own motorcycle.

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Offroad/Adventure Riding

For licensed riders who want to improve their off-road riding skills.

Do you own an adventure motorcycle or dual sport motorcycle and want to expand your off road riding skills?

This course is for licensed and experienced riders who are looking to build their off road riding skills.

If you are new to adventure riding or if you have been riding an adventure bike for some time but need help with your off road confidence then this is the course for you!!

This two day course includes skills training on Saturday and an adventure ride on Sunday with teaching points along the way.

Some of the skills you will learn:

  • Proper bike setup
  • Stand up riding
  • Peg weighting for steering and balance
  • Tight turns
  • Hill ascents and descents
  • Backing down a hill
  • Turning on a hill
  • Loose surface braking
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Navigating ruts and uneven terrain
  • Choosing riding lines

You will need an appropriate and well maintained motorcycle that can handle off paved road riding, proper gear (helmet, gloves, boots, rain gear, protective jacket/pants (motocross style gear is recommended but not required), and a valid class 6 motorcycle license.

This course is not for new riders. It is for experienced licensed riders looking to improve their off road riding skills.

“I had a lot of fun and learned a lot of tricks and techniques to use towards getting my confidence and competency level up to where I can focus on why I'm riding there verses how to ride there. Northern BC has a lot of back country roads and there is a lot to explore. Many of the resource roads are in various states of disuse and deactivation but the scenery and sense of nowhere-ness is tough to beat anywhere else. I had an awesome time and have a lot of stuff to try and put to practice. At my age practice won’t make perfect anymore but it will make me better.” Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin 6 years riding experience 5 years Adventure ridingJames Hepburn
“I always wanted to do that sort of practicing but was not confident enough to do so by myself. It was great to have experienced instructors on hand to point out helpful and timely tips/observations.” Honda CB500X 30 years riding experience 13 years adventure riding Guy Scharf
“I must say I picked up a lot of useful techniques for riding dirt. Maneuvering your bike by holding on with your knees. Body position on the bike. Head up and looking at the horizon line. I especially liked the turning tight circles lesson. Ascending and descending hills while staying in full control of your bike. You both drove home the lessons and in practice critiqued our short comings. Awesome job guys!!” KTM 990 Adventure & KTM 690 Enduro R 36 years riding experience 7 years adventure ridingGreg Spiers

On Road Training

For riders who have passed their MSA/MST and wish to increase their level of comfort and skill in real world on road conditions. Prepares you for the road test. Private training sessions available.

Instructor Training

PG Learn to Ride is a certified Instructor Training Facility.

These courses are run as needed. If you wish further information please contact us.

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