Why Take Defensive Motorcycle Training?

Learning to ride a motorcycle defensively can be fun & safe!

The best place to learn to ride is at a Motorcycle Rider Training School. Learning in a safe environment with experienced instructors is a great way to develop defensive skills and first time riding experiences. However, not everyone can ride a motorcycle, so before you invest in a bike and gear, take a riding course first to see if riding is for you. During the course you’ll have the opportunity to meet some great people just like you, who want to learn to ride defensively in a relaxed environment.

Riding in today’s traffic puts ones’ abilities to the test!

You better know what you’re doing! Most riders invest in their bikes and not in their skills.

Today’s busy roads require more skills than ever before, your life depends on your judgment and riding ability.

Make sure you invest in your skills! Ask yourself, “Am I doing everything I can to become a better and more defensive rider?”

Not all schools are created equal!

When considering your options there are a few questions that should be asked

How many hours of training will I receive?
Here at PG Learn to Ride you will receive 21 to 22 hours of training.

How many hours of training on a motorcycle will I get?
Depending on the group and how things progress, you will receive 13 to 14 hours of riding time. What is important here is that each student gets what they need and not all students will progress at the same rate.

How many hours of theory is taught?
You will receive 8 hours of classroom theory instruction.

What types of exercises do you use? 
A few examples – emergency braking from 3rd gear; emergency stop and go; and swerving to avoid an obstacle.  These are just a few of the exercises used by PG Learn to Ride to ensure you leave with good DEFENSIVE riding skills.

Course Dates and Schedule

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Course Dates

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